Crowdbotics Documentation

Welcome to the home of user documentation at Crowdbotics. This site contains documentation to help you get started with our platform, and gives you other contacts within Crowdbotics to help make you more productive in our environment.

What does Crowdbotics do?

Crowdbotics makes it fast and easy to create applications - without coding. We do this by:

  • Curating a set of common application templates, which contain the basics to build and launch an application without requiring you to download frameworks or set up build infrastructure.
  • Including a set of common-sense features with every application template that we generate. For example, web applications come pre-integrated with authentication, Bootstrap, REST APIs, and social login out of the box. Mobile applications have logins, password reset,
  • Letting you add new features to an application in one click with a library of modular features, including admin panels, social network integration, messaging, dashboards, bank connections and credit card processors, and more.
  • Integrating a complete dev-ops pipeline with every application that you create on our platform, including database, hosting, security, staging and production instances. No more messing around with AWS console or IAM policies!
  • Enabling instant project management through our prebuilt starter templates for Trello.
  • Adding engineers, designers, and product managers to your project - all easily accessible through a single-click (or Slack command).
  • Giving you complete ownership over your codebase. All Crowdbotics-built applications are generated in GitHub.

How do I get started?

  1. Visit
  2. Select the application type, name your application, enter your email address, and click “Create my app!”
  3. Sit back and enjoy while we create your application, the associated GitHub repository, Trello board, and the dev-ops pipeline.
  4. You can deploy your application to the web or a phone and see it instantly, live. Push the “Deploy App” button.

I created my app. Now what?

Great! Here are a few things you should do next.

  • Verify your email address: you should have received an email from Crowdbotics asking you to verify your address. Click on the link in the email to verify your address.
  • Connect your GitHub account: This will help you make changes to the underlying code in your application.
  • Visit the Trello board for your application. You should’ve received an email from Trello with a link to your project-specific Trello board.
  • Connect to your Slack channel: Pro users have access to direct support through Slack. Upgrade your account to work one on one with our engineering team.

How can I get more help?

  • Forums: Visit to browse our discussion boards. You might find the answers to your questions there.
  • Engineering Team: We hang out on Slack at #tech-support. Feel free to ping us there. We have developers who are tasked each week with dealing with customer issues. So, you should be able to get immediate help.

If I build something on Crowdbotics, do I have to run it on Crowdbotics forever?

Nope! Since you have access to the code in Github, you can always download it and set it up someplace else. Most people find it’s easier to leave everything on Crowdbotics, though, since this way you don’t have to manage anything yourself – we take care of updates, monitoring, backup, security, and making sure everything keeps running the way you want.

What are scaffolds and blueprints?

The apps people build make use of a lot of the same features every time – things like login/registration, databases, settings, deployment, exporting data, admin panels, accepting credit cards, and tracking analytics are common to many applications.

You don’t have to write these from scratch: Crowdbotics lets you add these common features really easily from a library of modules. The building blocks Crowdbotics uses are called scaffolds and blueprints.

  • Scaffolds generate basic application architectures. For example, you can use the React Native scaffold to create a basic iOS/Android cross-platform app with login and database.
  • Blueprints are systems that generate features and customize them for a particular use case in your application. For example, you might use a blueprint to generate your admin panel, terms of service, credit card-processing code and plans page, or analytics system.